Together with Grow Up Galați and the Galați Community Foundation, we are among the winners of a new grant from the "With Clean Waters" program. The project with which we won the grant, valued at 50,000 euros, is called "Galați Port – Plastic-Free Zone." We aim to reach a few hundred students from 3 schools in the Port area and to raise awareness, educate, and involve the residents of the Port neighborhood in the fight against plastic pollution.



  • ​​An online and offline competition, through which we challenge students from three schools near the Danube promenade to earn the title of ECO Champion School in the anti-plastic battle and the grand prize for their school;

    • Campaigns for cleaning, awareness, monitoring, and intervention in problem areas;
    • A community education campaign through activities dedicated to the residents of the Port neighborhood;
    • Promoting responsibility and reducing plastic use by providing separate collection bins;
    • Involving a local company to conduct an employee education campaign based on the 3RE principles.

The EcoSquad App

An important component of the project is the competition between the three schools organized within the "EcoSquad" app, developed by Openhub.

"EcoSquad" is an educational mobile game designed for students in Galați, encouraging the fight against pollution and the cleaning of aquatic areas through virtual missions and real-life environmental activities. Students, choosing characters from a variety of creatures, participate in missions and live events, earning points for their schools.

Periodic competitions between schools offer educational prizes for the institutions with the most points.

The Galați Port – Plastic-Free Zone project is part of the "With Clean Waters" program, implemented with the support of Lidl Romania, in partnership with the MaiMultVerde Association and the Association for Community Relations.