IncubaThor is an innovative project that addresses the need for sustainability and growth of NGOs in southeastern Romania. IncubaThor supports the development and scaling of the skills of NGO leaders, with a special focus on improving management and leadership competencies through the EMPRETEC program.


This initiative lays the foundation for a stronger community by educating and equipping non-profit organizations with the necessary tools to generate a significant impact in the local community. IncubaThor signifies a deep commitment to the evolution of the non-profit sector, highlighting the importance of adaptability and resilience in the face of current societal challenges.


  • Improving leadership and management skills for NGO leaders in southeastern Romania.
  • Developing the sustainability of NGOs through better strategic planning and execution.
  • Strengthening collaboration between NGOs and state institutions to achieve common community development goals.
  • Supporting the first edition of the EMPRETEC program, which included the selection and training of 15 NGO leaders.

Recent Actions

  • Initiating a call for volunteers within the community, encouraging direct involvement in IncubaThor's activities and mission.
  • Presenting a pitch at the Bucharest presentation session and winning funding of 50,000 euros.
  • Design phase - call for registrations.